Kensal Mafia was the eighth EN mafia game and the second game to be hosted both anonymously and off-site. It was hosted by Drr.

Similarly to And ThEN There Were Scum, all of the players portrayed a character and posted in character for the duration of the game. The flavor was based around the town of Kensal, with the various characters being residents within. 

Players and RolesEdit


  • Ari - Paxton: Firefighter and Watcher
  • Aspen - Mary: Bomb
  • Boc - Crawford: Vengeful Townie
  • Bsrj22 - Bob: Bulletproof
  • Cheese - Georgia: Doctor
  • Chocolate Bear - Jackie: Town Vanilla
  • codyk4495 - Lawrence: Town Vanilla
  • ff_zero - JS: Miller Doublevoter
  • Grimapple - Allison Schneider: Inventor
  • kirbmasta - Barkeep: Cop
  • Leaffan20 - Angelika: Hider
  • Malion - Father Elliot: Recruiting Mason
  • Noahcrash - Sadie: Vanilla
  • Robman46 - Estelle: Town Flavour Cop
  • Paper_Okami - Royce: Town Vanilla
  • Ribs - Bradley: Traitor
  • TLG - General EN: Journalist
  • topherT - Lawrence: Town Vanilla
  • Triforce Wisdom - Jamie: Nurse
  • Vanilla Bear - Martin Smith: Hated Townie


  • Citizen - Margery: Jack of All Trades
  • Henry_42 - Simon: Bodyguard
  • Jonathan - John: Doctor
  • Paulus - Jeremiah: Godfather
  • Wikey - Billie: Watcher

Third Party

  • Budd - Bonnie: Mafia Bus Driver and Lover
  • Curtis - Big Country: Town Roleblocker and Lover
  • Helios Garabandia - Cassidy: Arsonist

Game LinksEdit

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