EN: The Mafia was the twelfth EN mafia game and the third to be hosted anonymously and off-site. The game was hosted by Boc.

The flavor for this game was based around the forum itself; both EN and it's predecessor forum, Further Instructions. Each player portrayed a different prominent member from the forum, with some playing other members who were still active and even playing in this game.

Players and RolesEdit


  • Ari - Leaffan20: Innocent Kitten
  • Aspen - Curtis: Psychiatrist
  • Bsrj22 - General Bear Brigade: Daytime Vigilante
  • Drr - Malion: Reviver and Daytime Vigilante
  • Henry_42 - GBVFan: Vengeful Townie
  • JangoMango - Von Paulus: Miller Schizo
  • Korr - Bsrj22: Heroic Gravedigger
  • Leaffan20 - Boc: FBI Agent
  • Mercator - Lostifyed: Bulletproof
  • Paulus - MOS: Puppet Master
  • Ribs - Henry_42: Lie Detector
  • TLG - Buncrust: Cop
  • Wikey - Ackermaniv: Spy


  • Budd - Ribs: Roleblocker
  • Grimapple - Robman: Mad Scientist
  • Helios Garabandia - Hupu: Cop and Vigilante
  • Malion - Skate: Hypnotist
  • Roos - Roos: Godfather

Third Party

  • Hupu - Mr. Dutchiee: Cult Leader
  • Curtis - Drr: Serial Killer

Game LinksEdit

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