Boc aka BoctorBoda is an active member, and administrator of the FE community. He is both a prolific mafia player and host, having hosted the first game outside of the introductory one.

He has been an administrator since long before EN was created, and was one of the five founding administrators of that forum. He is still playing and hosting games to this day.

Games HostedEdit

Games PlayedEdit



General StatisicsEdit

Total Games Played: 3
Average Survival Time: 11
Town Games Played: 1 (33.3%)
Third Party Games Played: 2 (66.6%)

Total Games Won: 2 (66.6%)
Total Games Lost: 1 (33.3%)
Games Won as Third Party: 2 (100%)
Games Lost as Town: 1 (100%)

Games Won as Third Party: 2
Games Lost as Town: 1

Role CountsEdit


Third Party

  • Serial Killer: 1
  • Twin: 1

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